Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lucid Dreams

Every now and then I have a lucid dream.  This morning I had one.

I was driving through a part of Virginia where there are big mountains.  It was an area that was being mined for coal. There were large machines that were just straight cutting vertically down the mountain.  Reclamation areas were being built as apartments that looked liked big city skyscraper Project Housing along the mountain faces that had been stripped of the coal.

As I was being driven, we approached a tunnel.   There was an open stairway going up the side of the Project Housing, with lots of people milling around. On the landings, people were wrestling.

When we came out of the tunnel on the other side, the vehicle was no longer on a road but flying through the air.  The Project Housing was the same on this side, but now we were many thousand feet above the ground below, in fact the ground was just haze far away.  On this side people where wrestling on the landings also, and I saw a man fall over the side, people reached for him and grabbed him, but then they fell as well, so more people grabbed them.

There were many Project Housing buildings.  Along all the landings the same scene.  People wrestling.  People falling, being grabbed, falling, grabbed, people at the bottom of the human chain scrambling back up to the landing.  Some areas where big swarms of this activity happening very quickly.

Only once did I see them not able to successfully grab the leg of a person falling.  He fell, apparently to his death.

I woke up.

The scenes were complicated, but maybe I could, should, paint some of it before it fades away.

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