Friday, September 10, 2010


I've had a cold the last few days.  Was really bad on Wednesday, was feverish and stayed in bed most of the day.  Thursday, I laid on the couch, hacking into the waste basket, most of the day playing the old Xbox game "Blue Dragon".   When I finally went to go lay down in bed, I had a vision of a bright blue ice scene... open in the middle with icicles all around the edges.   When I woke back up, on facebook Nick had posted a link to Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff (Nero Mix).  I was listening to it the whole time (repeat) while laying down the  main details of current work in progress. 


Have a lot more detail to do, but it was coming along nicely.  When I'm feeling better, and the sun is out, I'll take pictures of this and Fire out in the sun.

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  1. A chilly experience - think thoughts of fur and fleecy blankets. :)